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Real Estate Management and Rental Service in Tbilisi

You have an apartment in Tbilisi, and you need a person who can help you with renting or maintenance? Maybe you live abroad or relatives do not have time to look after them, and you can’t trust the key to your neighbor’s? In such cases, LLC Werent.ge offers apartment maintenance services in addition to renting. Benefits of using…

Apartments For Rent in Tbilisi

Would you like to rent an apartment in Tbilisi?

Apartments For Rent in Tbilisi – Is one of the most requested Real Estate Services. Both visitors and local residents face the need to hire an apartment. Apartments in Tbilisi are rented for long- and short-terms, as well as daily rent. Many question themselves: “How do I hire an apartment in Tbilisi…?“. To rent an…

Top 6 tips for renting an apartment in Tbilisi

Tbilisi becomes more attractive city for foreign tourists from all over the world. During the high tourist season, the demand for an apartment in the city increases and the rent price is also high. Respectively, Real Estate Agency WeRent.ge gives you six basic advices on what you have to know before you rent an apartment. 1….