What makes a neighborhood truly great? Maybe either a safe and friendly street, or the fact that it’s located near to the shopping areas and restaurants, or there are lots of outdoor activities abound, or maybe the rent price is affordable.

I’ve “rounded up” the best neighborhoods in Tbilisi based on the following 6 factors:

1. Safety — A great neighborhood should have safe and friendly streets. In a pleasant neighborhood, people can walk without fear of crime or the chance of being disturbed by excessive noise. People feel like they “belong” to the neighborhood streets.

2. Easy access to public transport — it is a fantastic advantage for a neighborhood and a magnificent amenity for almost any lifestyle. A great neighborhood has many ways to get around / move about on foot, by bicycle, transit, and auto.

3. Walkability — everyone appreciates a neighborhood, where the hot spots are within walking distance to satisfy everyday needs, as shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, dry cleaners, theatres, bars, pubs and nightclubs.

4. Character– a great neighborhood has its own specific character. All neighborhoods are shaped by their streets, buildings, history, culture and the people living in. In great neighborhoods, these attributes combine in a unique and memorable way.

5. Outdoor activities abound– being close to the outdoor adventures you love (as places to jog, sail and etc.) can be a huge benefit for you.

So, based on these above-mentioned factors, check the list of Top 6 coolest neighborhoods in Tbilisi.

1. Abanotubani

Depending on who you ask, this neighborhood is either the heart of Tbilisi City or a stress-inducing tourist trap. It’s easy to spend a day admiring this neighborhood’s architecture and snacking at its cozy cafes and charming restaurants. Although flush with hip bars, boutiques, and restaurants, this neighborhood has never lost its old- mystique.

2. Vorontsovi and surroundings

you will definitely feel this neighborhood’s vibrant roots after the first visit. this area supplies ample excitement around every corner — whether you’re grabbing coffee at one of its trendy cafes or partying until the break of dawn. Once you experience this neighborhood’s historic architecture and endearingly offbeat character, you won’t mind the price tag 🙂 Perfect for: nightlife lovers, hippies, artists, painters, musicians.

3. Sololaki

This friendly neighborhood is composed of narrow streets, historical buildings, ethnic pubs and sidewalk authentic cafes inviting you to indulge in a glass of wine. Easily walkable and cozily quaint, Sololaki faces no competition when it comes to cool hotspots. Perfect for: Young urban professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, nightlife lovers, backpackers.

4. Vake

Vake used to be a district where the Georgian elite, politicians, and scientists lived. However, it has changed over time, and today it is a bit of a fancy neighborhood, with posh cafés and bars, shops, and high-priced accommodation options.

5. Saburtalo

Centrally located Saburtalo Neighborhood is the largest and one of the city’s most easily accessible neighborhoods. Don’t expect to find lots of thriving shopping districts, historical buildings or too many nightlife options and authentic restaurants. Perfect for: Families, young entrepreneurs, students, outdoor lovers (Hippodrome Park is within the walking distance).

Tbilisi is truly a diverse and welcoming place to live. Regardless of which neighborhood you see yourself in, the city is dense-just over 726 km² so you’ll always be able to explore other parts of the city easily. So Follow these tips and make your move to Tbilisi a smooth one.

6. Lisi Area

Perfect for: Families, Urban hikers, early risers, outdoor enthusiasts, indoor bookworms, and pet lovers. for those who appreciate living in a quiet area, instead of the crowded city Center. This neighborhood offers miles of hidden nature trails that weave through its lushly forested hillsides.