Tbilisi becomes more attractive city for foreign tourists from all over the world. During the high tourist season, the demand for an apartment in the city increases and the rent price is also high. Respectively, Real Estate Agency WeRent.ge gives you six basic advices on what you have to know before you rent an apartment.

1. Find a flat in advance

You may find many advertisements about apartments. However, if you want to rent a flat for a long-term period, it will not be easy to find a suitable apartment. Before your departure, it is desirable to contact the professional agent, who will provide the information on renting apartments according your request. When you arrive you can personally visit each of them and only after make a decision.

2. Find a professional agent who speaks in your native language / or in international language

If you are lucky to find a professional agent, this means that you will soon find a good apartment. The language barrier is a hindering factor, because apart from finding a flat you have to communicate with renter, you have to sign a contract etc.

3. Carefully inspect the apartment

Carefully inspect the flat before signing the rental agreement. Verify the condition of furniture and equipment, check all other details as well.

4. Bargain the price

Through an agent you can negotiate the possibility of slashing the hire price of the apartment. In this case, there is probability to lower the hire price from 5 to 20 percent.

5. Check out the apartment documents

If you do not want to get trapped in swindling, make sure that the apartment truly belongs to the renter. This information can be obtained from the National Agency of Public Registry by requesting the extract of real estate. Our agents can easily help you to find mentioned document.

During renting the apartment, you have to request renter’s identity card / passport and apartment documents.

6. Agreement

During the signing an agreement with the renter of the apartment, the rights and obligations of the parties with all other important details are necessary to be written – says the founder of the WeRent.ge Agency Giorgi Manasyan. The cost of the rent is to be paid on schedule.

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